Loren Gilberg, a registered nurse with more than twenty years experience in geriatric care founded ELDER CARE CONSULTING, INC. to help her senior clients receive outstanding care and maintain their quality of life.
In addition to her medical expertise, Loren has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. This background affords her the necessary skills to help clients of ELDER CARE CONSULTING, INC. navigate the complex world of managed care, medical benefits, social service organizations and legal issues. Ms. Gilberg has been a speaker at Westchester County Bar Association. She also has been interviewed on Cablevision's News 12 Westchester and has had articles published in numerous journals, including The Journal News, Senior News, Inside Westchester County, Advance for Nurses, and Town Report.
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Elder Care Consulting, Inc. is a professional geriatric care management resource offering seniors and their families a comprehensive range of GCM services with a distinctly personal touch. Our mission is to help clients maintain their quality of life, independence and personal dignity by carefully assessing need...providing the most desirable yet cost-effective solutions...and closely monitoring progress. It's all part of Respecting Our Elders.

You want life to be as rewarding and independent as possible. Elder Care Consulting, Inc. will help make sure that it is. As one senior friend put it...I am 76 and I still work full-time. I'm trying to figure out Medicaid...managed care...and the rest of my life!

Whether you're managing your own life or that of a loved one, you've learned that the golden years are actually fraught with complex financial issues, worries about day-to-day living and most important, serious concerns about health and well-being.

This is precisely why more and more seniors and their families are consulting Geriatric Care Managers. And why the services of Elder Care Consulting, Inc. have proved so valuable to our clients.

From the first assessment to long-term management, we become your partner in care.

The decisions you face are many, and every one is important. Your Personal Care Manager will help you find and evaluate all the options available, so you can make the choices that are best for you.

“It's a challenge for a growing number of families: how to care for an elderly parent... More people are now turning to geriatric care managers (GCM's), professionals who do everything from making sure the person is eating properly to arranging for legal services. By serving as the family's eyes and ears, a GCM can provide peace of mind...”