When Is There a Need for Geriatric Care Manager?

Do you often miss work, or arrive late because you are involved with rendering care to an elderly spouse, parent, or loved one?

2. Do family members and/or friends frequently pressure you to seek assistance in providing care to your elderly loved one?
3. Do you stay up nights worrying about how ailments of your elderly loved one continue to progress, and that you will soon be unable to manage?
4. Are you concerned about depleting the life savings of a loved one for nursing home or other institutional care?
5. Are you physically and emotionally drained due to ongoing demands of caring for an elderly spouse, parent, or loved one?
6. Are frequent hospital visits by your elderly loved one causing you great distress?
7. Do you fear leaving your home for extended periods of time because your loved one may wander aimlessly into your neighborhood, not knowing how to return home?
8. Are you unable to go on vacations, or spend time away from home because there is no one available to care for your elderly loved one?
9. Are there hazards around your home, causing occasional injury to your elderly loved one?
10. Do you simply need peace of mind and an education about what is happening to your elderly loved one?
If yes is the answer to any of these questions, you may need the professional services of a geriatric care manager.

Though it is never too late to call, don't wait until your concerns become a crisis! Take action now while you are still in control and have time to make informed decisions.